Yangji Gamjatang Korean restaurant in Ktown Los Angeles

Yangji Gamjatang

Address: 3470 West 6th Street #6, Los Angeles, CA 90020
Phone: (213) 388-1105     양지감자탕
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Yangji Gamjatang took over the space of Albaene in January 2014.

Open to 1:00 am on most days… open to 4:00 am on Thursday… Open 24 hours Friday and Saturday.

House specialty is Gamjatang (pork-bone soup). Menu also includes Budaejjigae, Ddeokbokki, Cold Noodles, Jjamppong, Seolleongtang, Kimchi Stew, Yukgaejang, Bibimbap and Dumplings.

Established in 1985. The original restaurant was called Yangji Seolongtang and was located on 7th and Vermont.

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