Chevon dishes Los Angeles

Mirak (Black-Goat Meat Stew)

Address: 1134 S Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90006
Phone: (323) 732-7577      미락(흑염소전문) (식당-한식)
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Mi-Rak is a Korean restaurant whose specialty is chevon dishes, particularly black-goat stew.

This location is the original one on Western Avenue at Samil Plaza. They also opened second location on Vermont Avenue in late 2013, but that one closed in 2017.

Open until 10:00 pm on most days.

미락 (味樂)… 엘에이 원조 흑염소 요리 전문점 🐐

🥩 고단백 저지방 스태미나 보양식 🥘

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