Hmart Asian Grocery Store

H Mart @ Madang

Address: 621 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90005
Phone: (213) 235-9560     한아름 마트 / 韓亞龍
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This location of HMart in the basement of the Madang Mall is the 47th branch nationwide.

H Mart is a Korean supermarket chain that had its first store open in 1982 in Woodside, New York. Its markets are known for a full range of grocery items, including fresh seafood, produce and housewares.

Madang’s H-mart had a Sushi Boy stall inside, which has now closed and been replaced by a Korean food stall called KTOWN. Mandu (dumplings) are $2.79 for three — there are kimchi, as well as pork&veggie versions.

As with other supermarkets in the area, there are Korean women offering food samples throughout the day. This branch though is relatively small and cramped. It is possibly the tightest Korean supermarket to shop in in Koreatown, arguably equal to or worse than the old Hannam Chain Market World on Olympic Boulevard in terms of being a tight space to shop in.

Usually available at Hmart: Fresh beef blood, Orion and Lotte brands of Chocopie, Pepero, Pretz, Samanco ice cream, frozen Hokkaido cream tart, tofu, apples, bananas, pomelo, different varieties of goguma (sweet potato), kimchi, dry noodles, banchan to-go, 위생장갑, Filipino snacks like Chippy, Boy Bawang, Chiz Curls

HELLO KITTY folded paper towels

Kitchen essentials: rubber gloves, glass containers, disposable plastic gloves

* Delivery to downtown Los Angeles is available via Instacart, from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. Prices are the same as in store, and most deliveries can be done within an hour.

Tagline: “The Best of Asia in America. Since 1982.”

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