Madang Mall / CGV Cinemas

Madang Plaza Shopping Mall

Address: 621 S Western Ave
Phone Number: Not submitted
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MADANG is a three-level shopping and entertainment complex located just north of Wilshire Boulevard on the western side of Western Avenue. The address is 621 South Western Avenue.


Ground Floor: Kost-eat

The Spoon Italian Fusion Restaurant

#100 Jeong Yuk Jeom Korean Restaurant
#101 Klat Cafe
#102 Boba Square
#103 Beard Papa
#104 Cosmetic World
#105 Paris Baguette Cafe & Bakeshop
#107 Daiso Japanese Retail Store
#111 Lemon Tree Kids Restaurant
#201 One Dental
#204 Bobos
#214 Boaz Eyewear – opened 2018
#2** Kpop Music Town – opened 2018
#205 LeeKaJa HairBis
#208B Curry House
#209 Fitness M Gym
#215 Chosun Myungju
#2XX Sul & Beans
#300 Aladdin Bookstore
#301 School Food
#302 Gang Jung Chicken
#304 CGV Cinema

Ktown Food @ H-Mart Supermarket

MaDang is the Korean word for courtyard.

PARKING entrance is on the street called Manhattan Place, which is a block west of Western Avenue.

*** Do not try to enter from Western Avenue. You cannot enter the parking structure from Western Avenue. You must drive over one block west to Manhattan Place.


#100 Madang 621 K BBQ – replaced by Hansol, which was then replaced by Jeong Yuk Jeom

#101 Tom N Toms Coffee Shop – replaced by Klat

#303 Doni Burger – closed

* Sushi Boy inside H Mart replaced by Ktown Food

* Yu Hair Salon replaced by LeeKaJa HairBis in September 2016

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