Myungin Dumplings

Myung In Dumplings

Address: 3109 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006
Phone: (213) 381-3568     명인만두 (식당-한식)
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Myungin Dumplings is a small eatery whose specialty is mandu, commonly thought of as the equivalent of dumplings.

For you-probably-know-what reason, white people wax poetic about the blah place, as though Myungdong Gyoja didn’t exist.

A popular menu item, Wang Mandoo, has had its name literally translated as “King Dumpling” but it is in fact a steamed bun.

1. 왕만두 4 pcs (wang/king mandu) $7.00
2. 김치 왕만두 4 pcs (kimchi king mandu) $7.50
3. 매운 새우만두 8 pcs (spicy shrimp mandu) $9.00
4. 딤섬 10 pcs (dimsum) $9.00
5. 찐빵 (jjin bbang)
6. 야채 왕만두 (vegetable king mandu)
7. 삼선 물만두
8. 군만두
9. 만두국/떡만두국
10.물만두/김치 물만두
11.콩국수 (kong-guksu)
12.칼국수 (kal-guksu)
13.육개장 (yukgaejang)
14.갈비탕 (galbi-tang)
15.새우볶음밥 (shrimp fried rice)
18.한국식 왕만두/김치 왕만두 (Korean-style king dumpling)

Availability of menu items is subject to change.

Health rating of A (91) as of 10/11/2012.

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