Tourist of the Day: @KurlyKolly

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We were expecting a flood of visitors in town for the Korean Music Festival, but it so happened that our tourist of the day for April 29th was in Los Angeles not for the KMF, but the Asian-Pacific Film Festival.

Colleen, who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, but is planning to move to South Korea soon, had been following and actively engaging the community on Twitter for months and she finally got to visit our district in LA when she won a YOMYOMF ontest to see the movie Fast Five and meet one of its stars @SungKang at the festival.

Koreatown Tourist of the Day: @KurlyKolly

We found her at the Koreatown Plaza food court after she had just ordered Paojao‘s jajangmyeon (black-bean noodles). She enjoyed it with the famous BOGO milk tea from the Kaya stall.

Next, she headed to The Book Center, where she perused issues of the Kpop magazine Junior. Then she went across to The Music Plaza, where she bought a Taeyang CD. She was so excited that she opened her purchase while waiting for the signature patbingsoo at Nicole’s Cafe.

And a visit to the largest Korean community outside the motherland would not be complete without visiting a supermarket carrying giant jars of the staple food kimchi.

It was a fun-filled afternoon in Ktown for us and our tourist of the day KurlyKolly! Hope she comes visit us again soon :)

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  1. Wow! Thanks guys, I love Ktown. Roaming around Koreatown Plaza was fun. Thanks for the hospitality!

  2. Colleen u look awesome in Korean town! U go girl! So awesome ur open minded to explore other cultures! Love it!!!

  3. YAY! Kolly, you’re one step closer to your goal. I’m glad you had a good time in LA. It’s great that you got do some of your favorite Korean things outside of Charlotte. Maybe next time we’ll do them together in South Korea.

  4. yay to Coleen! , when i found her living in Charlotte, i asked her why do you live here of all places??!!! theres nothing here! but then she told me shes moving to Korea and i said “now that makes a lot more sense” :D happy that you had a great time!

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