Tourist of the Day: @KurlyKolly

Address: Koreatown LA
Phone Number: NA

We were expecting a flood of visitors in town for the Korean Music Festival, but it so happened that our tourist of the day for April 29th was in Los Angeles not for the KMF, but the Asian-Pacific Film Festival.

Colleen (@kurlykolly), who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, but is planning to move to South Korea soon, has been following and actively engaging the community on Twitter for months and she finally got to visit our district in Los Angeles!

Chiptune Artist Mike Bleeds in Koreatown!

Address: San Diego
Phone Number: NA

MIKE BLEEDS is a 25-year-old chiptune artist based in San Diego, California. He pumps out electro-heavy dance music through the raw sounds of Nintendo Gameboy consoles running the program LSDJ (Little Sound Dj). He first started creating “chip” music in early 2007, when he used Gameboy emulators on a laptop to run LSDJ, then moved on to using the actual Nintendo Gameboy hardware and LSDJ flashed onto cartridges in a way that produces a much more authentic sound. Chiptune (or chip music) is written in sound formats where many of the sound textures are synthesized or sequenced in real time by a computer or video-game console sound chip. Mike performed in Los Angeles in December 2010 during Koreatown’s annual holiday […]