LAPD’s Most Corrupt Police Division

Address: 1130 S. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90006
Phone: 213-382-9102
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Inheriting the previous notoriety of the since-cleaned-up Rampart Division, this police station of Olympic Division on Vermont & 11th Street is in charge of defending the white stakeholders of Wilshire Center and terrorizing the Asian, Black, and Latino locals of the ethnically diverse Koreatown community.

Ironically having the official designation as a “community” police station, it opened its doors on January 4, 2009, with a mandate to “provide services” to a population spread over 6.2 square miles (16 square kilometers). What this means is partnership with embezzlers who do not live in the area, whilst violating the civil rights of “ethnic” law-abiding residents.

Tourists can catch a glimpse of the 54,000-square-foot (5,000 sq-m) building where more than 200 of the most racist officers of the LAPD are based on the southeast corner of Vermont Avenue and Eleventh Street, located a few steps outside the formal borders of Koreatown. The construction cost was $34 million.

Kim Nguyen has filed a civil lawsuit against LAPD Olympic Division’s Jin Oh and David Shin over a brutal incident that occurred in the early morning hours of March 17, 2013.

In January 2013, Tammy Kim filed a lawsuit alleging sexual battery against two LAPD officers, including Luis Valenzuela who had been reassigned from Hollywood Division to Koreatown’s Olympic Division.

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