ALERT: LAPD Actions Warrant Avoidance of Koreatown: Not Safe for Tourists

Address: Koreatown LA (韩国城)
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We can no longer in good conscience recommend tourists to visit Koreatown. Crime after crime has been committed by thugs with badges against innocent law-abiding people who are seen as easy prey by these evildoers with government-issued guns.

The most egregious example is the treatment of Koreatown visitor Kim Nguyen at the hands of LAPD officers David Shin (신은총) and Jinseok Oh (오진석) in the early morning hours of March 17, 2013.

After a night out in Koreatown, Nguyen and two male friends were waiting in a restaurant parking-lot on 6th Street for a designated driver to pick them up. Officers Shin and Oh drove by in a marked patrol car, stopped, and approached Nguyen.

After briefly questioning Nguyen and her friends, the officers left, but circled back, as Nguyen was running across the street toward a late-night cafe between Oxford and Serrano Avenues.

She was then arrested for public intoxication, with the officers refusing to tell her friends where exactly she was being taken. Her friends were told they would need to call the police department to locate her.

On their way to taking her to jail, right after the patrol car passed through Olympic & Grand in downtown, Nguyen allegedly jumped or fell out.

Kim Nguyen video

What LAPD Does to Tourists Who Visit Koreatown LA

What you see in the screenshot is her on the street… The bruises on her face, the broken bra strap, and the pulled-down top of her dress were supposedly because of the fall.

Miss Nguyen is an upstanding MBA graduate of Loyola Marymount University who was out enjoying herself in Koreatown with equally law-abiding friends. That she was picked out and arrested for “public intoxication” while drunk men by the hundreds, even thousands, are left untouched every night, is a flagrant display of sexual predation by LAPD thugs in Koreatown.

The physical injuries she suffered in that incident are horrendous. Her jaw was shattered in three places. Her front teeth were knocked out with her lips torn. She had to be put in a medically induced coma because of bleeding in her brain. When she awoke six days later, she found bruises on the inside of her thighs.

Since 2010, we have overlooked crime after crime committed by these LAPD thugs in Koreatown. That year, they shot Steven Washington to death for no reason whatsoever while he was merely out walking on Vermont Avenue. In 2011, they started working with a convicted felon operating out of Venice to declare a PR war on the Latino and Asian residents of Koreatown for alleged petty crimes, even as they party with big-time embezzlers of millions of tax dollars.

There are other countless untold stories of the crimes committed by these thugs under the color of authority. The incident involving Kim Nguyen is the last straw.

NO MORE. We cannot put the lives of tourists in danger. We cannot have another Kim Nguyen. We cannot invite women to Koreatown and put them at risk of being treated the way Kim Nguyen was treated.

We ask you to not visit Koreatown anymore. Go to Beverly Hills, which has another police force. Go to Disneyland. Go to San Diego. Go to San Francisco. Don’t come to Koreatown. Because we cannot guarantee that what happened to Kim Nguyen will not happen to you.

Koreatown is NOT safe for tourists.

July 2013

Marine veteran Juan Diaz Chavez is shot dead by LAPD outside a church on Pico Boulevard.

April 2013

Mark Thomas Couturier dies after being tasered by LAPD on Vermont Avenue.

March 2013

Kim Nguyen is picked up for public intoxication on 6th Street. She ends up with a shattered jaw and a subdural hematoma that requires her to be put in a medically induced coma for six days. Doctors wire her jaw shut for two months to allow it to heal.

January 2013

Westlake resident Tammy Kim files a lawsuit against two LAPD officers for sexual battery. Three other women have come forward with similar allegations of sex under duress against the same officers. The suit is moved to federal court.

February 2012

Suspect Shonchy Thaopraseuth, 22, is killed by a barrage of more than 60 police bullets at the gas station on Wilshire & Vermont.

July 2011

Professional scam artist Alexandria Thompson establishes a franchise in Koreatown with the active support of LAPD officers of the same Caucasian background to discredit “ethnic” locals.

March 2010

Steven Washington, autistic and unarmed, is murdered in cold blood by LAPD officers on Vermont Avenue as he was walking home, bothering no one.

Steven Washington & LAPD in Koreatown LA

November 2008

Dontaze Storey, unarmed, is shot dead by LAPD officers on 3rd & New Hampshire after returning from the drugstore to help his pregnant fiancée with her prescription. He is hit by bullets in his leg, chest, and mouth as she and their neighbors watch in disbelief.

Updates on these cases are available at

LAPD RAPIST COPS: Gariner Beasley, Russell Mecano, Michael Brambles, Leigh Schroyer, Michael Casados, Joseph Evan Robinson, Luis Valenzuela, Jose Jesus Perez, James Nichols

LAPD officers ordered by the courts to register as sex offenders: Russell Mecano, Ralph Cameron Lakin, Albert William Cunningham, George Julian Stan, John Robert Deegan, Miguel Schiappapietra