Noshi Sushi

Noshi Sushi

Address: 4430 Beverly Blvd
Phone Number: 323-469-3458

Japanese-run sushi restaurant on Beverly Boulevard

A-Won Japanese Restaurant

Address: 913 Vermont Ave
Phone Number: (213) 389-6764

The restaurant’s name AWON is pronounced “Oh-won” in Korean. Specialty: hwe deop bap (salad with rice and sashimi) Jeonbok-juk (abalone porridge) Altang (hot and spicy cod-roe stew) Miyeok Muchim (seaweed salad) Located at the dingy strip mall known as Vermotn Plaza. * Has hygiene issues. Young King RestaurantJeju RestaurantKasturi Restaurant + Grocery StoreConcerto Restaurant

Jeju Restaurant

Address: 4100 W Pico Blvd
Phone Number: (323) 731-3030

Korean-run Japanese restaurant specializing in hwe (sashimi / raw fish)

Open for dinner from Monday to Saturday, 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Closed on Sundays.

Sushi Ippo Restaurant

Sushi Ippo

Address: 3800 Wilshire Blvd
Phone Number: 213-381-0110

All-you-can-eat sushi restaurant

Sushi Ye

Address: 244 S Oxford Ave
Phone Number: (213) 388-8283

Sushi Ye is a small Korean-run restaurant serving sashimi in a dingy strip mall in North Koreatown. Open lunch and dinner hours. Closed on Sundays. Noshi SushiSushi IppoSushi OneKashira Sushi Ramen Bar

LA Hwaluh restaurant

Hwal A Kwang Jang

Address: 730 S Western Ave
Phone Number: (213) 386-6688

“LA Hwaluh” is a Korean restaurant focused on seafood, particularly live fish, sashimi, sushi, and eel.

The restaurant’s Korean name 활어광장 is actually pronounced Hwareo Gwang-jang.

The smaller English letters on the sign spells out the pronunciation as Hwal Uh.

Wassada Restaurant

Wassada Restaurant

Address: 377 N Western Ave
Phone Number: (323) 464-3006

Restaurant famous for sashimi and live octopus.

“Wa! Ssadda” can be translated from Korean as “Wow! Inexpensive!”

Sake House by Hikari

Address: 3465 W 6th St
Phone Number: (213) 389-4000

Sake House by Hikari is a Korean-run Japanese sushi restaurant in the former space of Bistro Sakana / Kyoto Sushi in Chapman Plaza. Lunch specials. Sashimi. Sake. Open seven days a week from 5:00 pm to 1:30 am. Happy Hour menu everyday, 5-8 pm. Sushi Bar (baked salmon roll, shrimp tempura roll, crunch roll, avocado roll), $9 bulgogi, $7 corn cheese, $14 spicy sashimi salad, $13 pork belly salad, $14 fried chicken wings) Prices are subject to change. Coco Ichibanya Curry HouseTip’s HouseCake House @ Vermont GalleriaMiari Noodle House

T Equals Fish

Address: 301 S Western Ave
Phone Number: (213) 380-3385

T Equals Fish Korean sashimi restaurant on the second floor of Western Village Square. It is usually open daily, 3:00 pm – 12:00 midnight. Plans to open on Christmas Day 2015. Busan Fish Cakes – ClosedFat Fish – ClosedWando Fish Restaurant – ClosedCrunchy Sea Fish Tacos – Closed