Liborio Market on Vermont

Address: 864 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90005
Phone: (213) 386-1458
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UPDATE: Closed circa 2011-2013. Space taken over by Monte de Zion Market, then finally a new Zion Market. It will be an “El Super” in 2024.

Liborio Market first grocery store in LA

Liborio was a grocery store specializing in Hispanic produce and difficult-to-find Central American comestibles. On-site butcher shop, bakery, and check cashing service.

Metro bus passes and tokens sold here.

Fax Number: (213) 386-4395

There was another Liborio on 3rd Street. (Has also closed.)

Liborio Market opened its doors on February 6, 1966, with $1,400 of initial capital, which was the collective savings of family members. This first store was composed of 1,200 square feet of operating space and $800 in starting inventory.

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