Jookhyang chicken stew in Ktown LA

Jook Hyang @ 2666 Olympic

Address: 2666 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006
Phone: (213) 381-6524     죽향 - 뉴서울 호텔
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This was the second branch of Jook Hyang in Koreatown, and now is the only remaining open location, since the original location at 3177 Olympic closed in mid-2022.

It is located inside the New Seoul Hotel.

Jookhyang has long been known for healthy Korean porridges.

LA 죽향 리뷰. 전복갈비찜에 오더하니 생 마도 반찬으로LA Jook Hyang.

몸보신하러 죽향

전복갈비찜 ( $72 ) + 산삼전복죽

전복갈비찜 시키니 반찬도 더 나오고,

생 마 반찬도 !!!

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