Coin de Rue Bakery

Coin De Rue Bakery Cafe

Address: 1110 S Western Ave, Ste 101, Los Angeles, CA 90006
Phone: (323) 840-3971     코안도르
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Korean-owned bakery & cafe whose name is French for “Street Corner”

🥖 Bread baked fresh daily 🍞

Cream buns, honey castella, bulgogi croquettes, sweet-potato cake, soboro, manjoo, guava pie, squid-ink cheese toast (bread loaf), mochi anko toast, black-sesame anko toast, chestnut tapioca balls…

New Featured Item: Corn Bingsoo (shaved ice)

Usual Business Hours: 8am-11pm, daily

Where The Bento Place used to be.

This boulangerie is technically in Harvard Heights, aka South Koreatown.

In November 2022, they opened a dessert cafe called Coin De Rue 2 in North Koreatown.

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