HK Market: Western Avenue

HK Market

Address: 124 N Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90004
Phone: (323) 469-8934     한국 슈퍼 마켓
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Han Kook is a large Korean supermarket on Western Avenue, just south of Beverly Boulevard. It is affiliated with the Galleria Market on Olympic and the Galleria Market on Vermont. In fact, they have the exact same products on sale every week.

For example, in the second week of September 2023, among their discounted products were Orri mandarins, Lago grapes, Won-hwang pears, Mexican papayas, red-leaf lettuce, perilla leaves, twist peppers, thin-sliced pork belly, Pangtoa ice-cream sandwiches, and Kloud beer.

HK Market weekly discount flyer September 2023

At HK Market, you’ll find fresh seafood, packaged banchan (Korean side dishes), Japanese snacks, American staples at a high markup, a few Latino products, fruits, and vegetables.

Also inside HK Super are stalls, such as:

한국 (Hangook) means Korea and 슈퍼 (Syoo-poh) is Korean for super, which is short for supermarket.

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