Menu of Cemitas y Tlayudas Pal Cabron

Address: 3337 W 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90005
Phone: (213) 427-0601
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UPDATE: Pal Cabron closed in the summer of 2011.

Bringing to Koreatown more than just typical Mexican street food, Cemitas y Tlayudas Pal Cabron showcases two of the staples of southern Mexican food.

TLAYUDAS are large handmade crispy tortillas imported from Oaxaca that are topped with pork confit, black beans, cabbage, cheese and various regional meats.

CEMITAS have been called the king of Mexican sandwiches, and in the words of Pulitzer-winning food critic Jonathan Gold, “A cemita is not a sandwich that you dive into headfirst; it is a sandwich you have to sneak up on, nibbling around the edges, softening the natural defenses of the thing before you dare to attack its sweet, greasy heart.”

Cemita Poblana at Pal Cabron


All of the Cemitas have avocado, Mexican cheese, onions, chipotle or jalapeño, and pápalo (summer cilantro). There is an option to include quesillo (iconic Oaxacan string cheese) for an extra two dollars.

La Tetanic
breaded chicken breast with quesillo

La Muy Muy
breaded beef or pork

La Gordis
head cheese

La Brava
marinated pork loin

La Cachonda
leg of cattle seared in vinegar

La Reventonera
pork sausage

La Pipiris Nais

La De Barbacha
seasoned lamb

La Mas Cabrona
breaded beef, head cheese, extra avocado

La Bronca
spicy shredded pork loin

La Chokolata
shredded chicken breast with black mole

La Mamacita

La Vegetariana
mushrooms, extra avocado, jalapeños, grilled onions

What is a Tlayuda?


Large crispy handmade tortillas imported from Oaxaca layered with pork confit, black bean paste, cabbage, and fresh Mexican cheese.


Quesillo (string cheese) $6.50
Tasajo (beef)
Cecina (marinated pork loin)
Chorizo (pork sausage)
Black Mole

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