BCD tofu stew on menu

BCD Tofu House – Western

Address: 869 S Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90005
Phone: (213) 380-3807     북창동 순두부
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Cross street is 9th (James M. Wood Boulevard)

BCD Tofu House is known for being open 24 hours during the pre-COVID era.

Has another location at 3575 Wilshire.

Specialty: piping-hot tofu stews

Vegetarian options on th emenu: cold bibimbap (no hot-stone dolsot), salads

Top-notch agreeable service suited for non-Koreans but just passable food for Koreans.

On March 20, 2013, a class action lawsuit was filed by workers on behalf of all hourly employees (servers, cooks, busboys, etc.) against the owners and operators of the 8 BCD Tofu House restaurants operated in California. Click for More Info

On January 15, 2015, the Court issued PRELIMINARY APPROVAL of a three million dollar ($3,000,000) settlement with the owners of the BCD Tofu House restaurants to settle the claims asserted in the class action.

For details, visit http://www.bcdtofuhouselawsuit.com/english.html.

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