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Yoshinoya – Wilshire near Wilton

Address: 3959 Wilshire Blvd
Phone Number: 213-385-9031
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Slogan: What can we cook for you?

“Deliciously Bowl-ed Flavors”

Yoshinoya is a chain that serves Japanese-derived dishes in an American fast-food environment.

Menu includes teriyaki chicken bowl, orange chicken, Asian BBQ Wings with Angus Steak, Grilled Tilapia plates, Creamy Sriracha Shrimp… Availability is subject to change.

This location’s hours of operation are usually 10:00 am to midnight.

Health rating: A

The other Yoshinoya location in the Koreatown area is on Olympic by Fedora.

There is also a third branch in what can be considered North Koreatown… The address there is a 4202 Beverly Blvd, 90004. Phone number: (213) 384-1557


Sweet, Savory, and Grilled — Teriyaki Chicken Bowl, Grilled Steak Bowl

December 2019

Orange Chicken: light & crispy tempura white-meat chicken tossed i orange sauce. Sweet, tangy and a little bit spicy. Served on a fluffy bed of rice.

June 2019

BBQ Ribs six pieces

April 2019

“Can’t go wrong with a classic” — Original Beef Bowl, Teriyaki Chicken Bowl, Habanero Chicken Bowl

November 2018: Orange Chicken (light and crispy white-meat chicken tossed in orange sauce; sweet, tangy and slightly spicy; served on a fluffy bed of rice)

October 2018: Asian BBQ Meatballs (“It’s a whole new ball game)

Fall 2018: Teriyaki Chicken Bowl with Shrimp and/or Steak

Spring 2018: Habanero Chicken on Rice with Vegetables

Early 2018: Lobster Stew

Summer 2017 : “Make Summer Sauce with New BBQ Ribs… 6 Pieces of BBQ Ribs.”

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