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Yoshinoya – Wilshire near Wilton

Address: 3959 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010
Phone: (213) 385-9031
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UPDATE: CLOSED circa 2021.

Located in the Wilshire-Gramercy strip mall between El Pollo Loco and Fiesta Insurance.

Slogan: What can we cook for you?

“Deliciously Bowl-ed Flavors”

Yoshinoya is a chain that serves Japanese-derived dishes in an American fast-food environment.

Menu includes teriyaki chicken bowl, orange chicken, Asian BBQ Wings with Angus Steak, Grilled Tilapia plates, Creamy Sriracha Shrimp… Availability is subject to change.

Grilled BBQ Beef: Grilled beef and onions tossed in a sweet and spicy Asian BBQ sauce

This location’s hours of operation are usually 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Health rating: A

The other Yoshinoya location in the Koreatown area is on Olympic by Fedora.

There is also a third branch in what can be considered North Koreatown… The address there is a 4202 Beverly Blvd, 90004. Phone number: (213) 384-1557

Fresh with Benefits: Add avocado to any bowl.


Sweet, Savory, and Grilled — Teriyaki Chicken Bowl, Grilled Steak Bowl

December 2019

Orange Chicken: light & crispy tempura white-meat chicken tossed i orange sauce. Sweet, tangy and a little bit spicy. Served on a fluffy bed of rice.

June 2019

BBQ Ribs six pieces

April 2019

“Can’t go wrong with a classic” — Original Beef Bowl, Teriyaki Chicken Bowl, Habanero Chicken Bowl

November 2018: Orange Chicken (light and crispy white-meat chicken tossed in orange sauce; sweet, tangy and slightly spicy; served on a fluffy bed of rice)

October 2018: Asian BBQ Meatballs (“It’s a whole new ball game)

Fall 2018: Teriyaki Chicken Bowl with Shrimp and/or Steak

Spring 2018: Habanero Chicken on Rice with Vegetables

Early 2018: Lobster Stew

Summer 2017 : “Make Summer Sauce with New BBQ Ribs… 6 Pieces of BBQ Ribs.”

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