Tom n Toms Black in Koreatown

Tom N Toms Black

Address: 3980 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90005
Phone: (213) 500-5297     탐앤탐스 블랙
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Premium version of the South Korean coffee chain Tom n Toms.

There had been a regular Tom n Toms at 3974 Wilshire by Wilton Place that was operating 24 hours a day from 2011/2012 until it closed in 2017. Since then, plans for Tom n Toms Black had been floated by the corporate office.

BLACK is the luxurious brand of TOMNTOMS for single-origin coffee, which they’ve dubbed The Calypso. The focus is on black-only blend coffee from around the world.

Most of the old regular-style Tom n Toms that sprouted all over in Koreatown circa 2012 have closed down, with only the small branches at 2716 Olympic and at Koreatown Galleria at 440 South Vermont still remaining.

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