Tofu House @ Koreatown Plaza

Address: 928 S Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90006
Phone: (213) 384-0292     순두부하우스
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UPDATE: Closed.

Tofu House has the same owner as Tonkatsu House in Koreatown Plaza’s food court — you can buy tonkatsu and get your banchan (side dishes) from the Tofu House buffet. They’ve dubbed it “All-You-Can-Eat banchan” and the choices include slices of hardboiled eggs and fruit.

This eatery’s specialty: tofu stew

Also on the meny: soon-tofu combos and bibimbap

소불고기 순두부 정식, 불고기 순두부 정식, 치킨테리야끼 순두부 정식

Last updated: September 2013

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