What is a Tlayuda?

Mexican Pizzas (Tlayudas) Pal Cabron

Address: 3337 W 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90005
Phone: (213) 427-0601
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Tlayudas (often spelled ‘clayudas’ because of the way the word sounds when pronounced) are sort of like Mexican pizzas, with a crispy tortilla crust topped with meat, cheese and vegetables. Strictly speaking, the word tlayuda refers to the crust.

What is a Tlayuda?

The tlayuda oaxaqueña at Cemitas y Tlayudas Pal Cabron has a fourteen-inch tortilla crust imported from the Oaxaca region of Mexico. It is topped with refried black beans, cabbage, fresh Mexican cheese, Oaxacan string cheese (quesillo), beef tasajo, Oaxacan chorizo (a secret family recipe), and marinated pork cecina.

Prices range from 6.50 for plain quesillo to 12.50 for the combinada (a combination of cecina, tasajo, chorizo and quesillo). The vegetariana has not only avocado but cactus as well.

Update: Pal Cabron closed in 2011.

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