HaeHaHeng Thai Restaurant

Hae Ha Heng

Address: 301 S Western Ave
Phone Number: 213-388-2407

Thai restaurant on the the second floor of the mini-mall on the southwest corner of Western Avenue and 3rd Street.

Tips House Menu

Tip’s House

Address: 3970 W 6th St
Phone Number: 213-387-2671

Small family-run Thai restaurant on Sixth Street, just a few steps west of Western Avenue. 

Lerd Rod (LR) Thai Food

Address: 278 S Normandie Ave
Phone Number: 213-365-1170

Free Delivery within a three-mile radius with purchase of $12 or more. (Subject to change.) Old Lunch Specials, M-F 11-3 only $6.95 with steamed rice, fried wonton and salad. (No more.) All-Day Specials no longer $8.95 but $10.75. Menu includes Pla Jim, Pad Thai, Rad Nah, Pad Woon Sen, Pineapple Fried Rice, Thai Iced Coffee, Thai Iced Tea… Komodo Food TruckWilshire Normandie Food CourtSophia Food & Wine – ClosedIt’s Thai Noodle – Closed

Thai Original BBQ – 3rd Street

Address: 4055 W 3rd St
Phone Number: (213) 383-8571

FREE Thai Iced Tea with purchase of $20 or more. Take out only. Valid at 3rd Street location only.

Thai Delight

Address: 186 S Vermont Ave
Phone Number: (213) 480-7779

Thai Restaurant in North Koreatown Next to the Filipino restaurant DJ Bibingkahan. It’s Thai Noodle – ClosedArunee Thai Corner Kitchen – MovedThai Hi SpaThai Ocean

Ocha Classic Restaurant: 3rd Street

Address: 3914 W 3rd St
Phone Number: (213) 387-8188

Thai food on Third Street. This is not the Thai restaurant on Vermont Avenue. Ami Restaurant & Bar – ClosedMurasaki Japanese Restaurant – ClosedLaOn Restaurant – ClosedBann Restaurant – Closed

Ocha Classic Restaurant: Vermont

Address: 835 S Vermont Ave
Phone Number: (213) 383-4249

Ocha Classic, the Thai restaurant on Vermont Avenue. Different from the Thai restaurant on Third Street. Open seven days a week, 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. Pho 2000 on Vermont – ClosedAmi Restaurant & Bar – ClosedVermont Pet Shop – ClosedMurasaki Japanese Restaurant – Closed

Ocha Classic 2: Beverly

Address: 3960 Beverly Blvd
Phone Number: (213) 383-0459

This is the Ocha Classic Thai restaurant location on Beverly by Catalina in North Koreatown. Other Ocha Classic locations include those on 3rd Street and on Vermont Avenue. RESTAURANT (31-60) SEATS Score: 92 L.A. County Health Department Inspection Date: 08/16/2016 Hong Kong Banjum – BeverlyBeverly Dental7-Eleven: Beverly & NormandieHans Beverly Auto

In 2010, the Los Angeles City Council formally declared Koreatown's borders as Western Avenue, Olympic Boulevard, Vermont Avenue, and 3rd Street, with a business corridor on Western from 3rd to Rosewood Avenue.