Kennedy School on Wilshire

Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools

Address: 3400 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90010
Phone: (213) 480-4500

RFK Community Schools is located at the former site of the Ambassador Hotel.

* L.A. County Vote Center 2024

Berendo Middle School

Address: 1157 South Berendo Street, Los Angeles, CA 90006
Phone: (213) 739-5600

Public school now known as Berendo Junior High

Charles Kim Elementary School

Charles H. Kim Elementary School

Address: 225 S Oxford Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90004
Phone: (213) 368-5600

About 600 students in kindergarten through fifth grade

Koreatown LA school

Young Oak Kim Academy

Address: 615 South Shatto Place, Los Angeles, California 90005
Phone: (213) 739-6500

A middle school within the Los Angeles Unified School District, Local District 4. It was established in 2009 as the only middle school in the LAUSD to practice single-sex education (different curricula and learning environments for girls and boys).

YOKA is named in honor of Colonel Young-Oak Kim, the first Asian-American colonel to lead a US battalion in war. It is LA’s first middle school, and the third school overall, named for a Korean.

Located near the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Vermont Avenue

Olmo Elementary School LA

Frank del Olmo Elementary School

Address: 100 N New Hampshire Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004
Phone: (213) 427-7200

Vote Center Location for the November 2020 Elections

Wilshire Park School

Wilshire Park Elementary School

Address: 4063 Ingraham Street, Los Angeles, CA 90005
Phone: 213-739-4760

USD public school located just west of Koreatown proper

Virgil Middle School

Address: 152 North Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004
Phone: (213) 368-2800

Virgil Middle School serves approximately 1,500 students in grades 5-8 in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Technically located north of Koreatown proper, in the East Hollywood area of Los Angeles.

Mariposa Nabi PC

Mariposa-Nabi School

Address: 987 South Mariposa Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90006
Phone: (213) 385-0241

Opened in the fall of 2005, the Mariposa-Nabi Primary Center is housed in a strikingly colorful building for students in kindergarten to second grade. Mariposa is the name of the street on which the school entrance is; it means “butterfly” in Spanish, while “Nabi” (나비) is the Korean word for “butterfly.”