Jerry’s Hair Designs

Address: 3973 W 6th St
Phone Number: 213-908-6600

Jerry’s Hair Designs is a highly rated barbershop on 6th Street, just west of Western Avenue.

Fluent English speaker.

Melrose Avenue Cafe

Melrose Cafe – Moved

Address: 5003 Melrose Ave
Phone Number: 323-461-0077

Moved from North Koreatown to East Hollywood in late 2017.

New address: 1308 N Edgemont St, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Thai Original BBQ – 3rd Street

Address: 4055 W 3rd St
Phone Number: (213) 383-8571

FREE Thai Iced Tea with purchase of $20 or more. Take out only. Valid at 3rd Street location only.

Sto. Domingo Bakery – Closed

Address: 3418 W 8th St
Phone Number: (213) 427-9793

Spanish-speaking bakeshop specializing in Mexican (Oaxacan) and Salvadoran breads and pastries

Authorized Passport Photos & Identification Services

Address: 3978 W 6th St
Phone Number: (213) 738-9100

Passport photos, visa photos, citizenship photos, immigration photos, ID photos… Fingerprinting, camera repair, professional portrait, headshots, photo restoration…

Ramona Donuts – Name Change

Address: 3959 Wilshire Blvd
Phone Number: (213) 739-1519

* Name changed to Pink Donuts in 2016. Ramona was the donut shop between Seoul Cleaners and the Boonghoo Japanese sushi restaurant in the strip mall known as Wilshire Gramercy. Sold donuts, canned donuts lotto tickets, and ice cream. Was open seven days a week, from 5:00 am. Disconnected phone number: (213) 739-1519 Fantastic DonutsCalifornia DonutsWinchell’s DonutsOlympic Aladdin – Name Change

Kuishimbo on 6th

Address: 3407 W 6th St
Phone Number: (213) 380-5049

구심보 (식당-일식) Kuishimbo is a small Japanese eatery on the ground floor of the Royal Plaza building on the northwest corner of 6th & Catalina. Open seven days a week, Monday to Sunday, 11:00 am – 10:00 pm A second Kuishimbo opened on Wilshire/Wilton in January 2013. Kuishimbo on Wilshire

Callahan Hardware Company

Address: 139 S Western Ave
Phone Number: (213) 387-3336

Neighborhood hardware store that’s been existence for many decades!

Located in what can now already be considered North Koreatown — it’s a few blocks north of Third Street.