Address: 928 S Western Ave
Phone Number: (213) 365-1872

Last updated: 2011 August 2011: Lauren Conrad’s Paper Crown designs are now available at Magenta inside Koreatown Plaza (Suite #313). jackets in blue, camel, and black short black leather skirts and shorts chiffon blouses that are blue in front, gray in the back   The Korean salesclerk speaks only rudimentary English, but the clothes speak for themselves. No longer a working number: (213) 365-1872 Magenta LA is a multi-brand clothing boutique.

Plaza Market on Western

Address: 928 S Western Ave
Phone Number: (213) 385-1100

Carries Japanese, American, European and Latin American products. Also has a deli section featuring banchan (side dishes) to go. Produce department includes organic fruits and vegetables. Fish, meats, shellfish, eggs and jars of kimchi are stocked. Located inside Koreatown Plaza by the parking garage downstairs.

Plaza Hanshik

Address: 928 S Western Ave
Phone Number: 213-480-0203

Stall located in the Koreatown Plaza food court. Serves many popular Korean dishes, including galbitang, bulgogi, altang, gomtang and bibim naengmyeon.

Bab Han Kki: One Bite: Pioneer Chicken

Bab Han Kki, One Bite, Pioneer Chicken

Address: 928 S Western Ave
Phone Number: (213) 389-3565

Bab Han Kki (One Bite) is a food stall that opened inside the Koreatown Plaza food court in early 2015. #139 It shares space with Pioneer Chicken. The chicken menu includes strips and side dishes. Last orders are taken at 7:00 pm, though the eateries stay open to 8:00 pm. The menu of Korean food includes broiled covina, L.A. galbi, beef bulgogi, spicy pork bulgogi, stone-pot bibimbap, yachae bibimbap, yeolmu bibimbap, spicy squid over rice, cheong-gook jang, soybean soup, and soft tofu soup. Pioneer Chicken used to be at 5970 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

Plaza Sushi

Address: 928 S Western Ave
Phone Number: (213) 380-1580

Plaza Sushi is one of the stalls inside the food court of Koreatown Plaza on Western Avenue. Has bento boxes. Closes by 8:00 pm on most days.

Olympic Golf – Moved

Address: 2867 W Olympic Blvd
Phone Number: (213) 389-7007

Golf equipment and apparel store that had been located inside Koreatown Plaza. Now its only location is on Olympic Boulevard by Kenmore Avenue. Brands: Titleist, Ping, Callaway, Cobra, New TaylorMade Golf clubs, golf balls… Hello Kitty golf bags and head covers!!

Madame Polla

Address: 928 S Western Ave
Phone Number: (213) 365-0560

The Madame Polla shop on the third floor of Koreatown Plaza carries Western suits and other conservative items of clothing for older Asian women. Korean is the main language by staff. An English speaker is sometimes available. Closes by 8:00 pm on most days.

Pho 2000 at Koreatown Plaza Food Court

PHO 2000 @ Koreatown Plaza

Address: 928 S Western Ave
Phone Number: (213) 386-4083

Franchise stall in the Koreatown Plaza food court. Vietnamese noodle soups and spring rolls. Had been Pho ABC. Open until 8:00 pm.

ABC Plaza: Cookware & Appliances

Address: 928 S Western Ave
Phone Number: (213) 386-1155

Emporium that sells modern home appliances and traditional Korean cookware — toasters, rice cookers, vacuums, chopsticks, pots… On one end of the topmost floor of Koreatown Plaza.

In 2010, the Los Angeles City Council formally declared Koreatown's borders as Western Avenue, Olympic Boulevard, Vermont Avenue, and 3rd Street, with a business corridor on Western from 3rd to Rosewood Avenue.