Oaxacan restaurant LA

Sabores Oaxaqueños

Address: 3337 W 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90005
Phone: (213) 427-3508
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Sabores Oaxaqueños is a Mexican restaurant devoted to the regional cuisine of Oaxaca.

The menu prominently includes tlayudas, tamales, memelas, horchata, and agua de chilacayote. There are vegetarian options such as enchiladas. Oaxacan products are on sale to take home such as chapulines (grasshoppers), quesillo (special cheese), and chorizo (sausages).

Several television screens for watching fútbol (soccer). The owners are brothers Germán and Valentín Granja, who graciously posed for the photos above.


Huevos Revueltos con Jamon
Scrambled Eggs with Ham

Huevos Revueltos con Chorizo
Scrambled Eggs with Oaxacan Sausage


Caldo de Pollo con Arroz
Chicken and Rice Soup

Caldo de Res
Beef Soup with Chayote, Potatoes and Green Beans


Tlayuda con Chorizo, Tasajo, Cecina o Quesillo
Mexican Pizza with Sausage, Beef, Pork or Cheese

Tamales de Pollo en Hoja de Platano
Corn dough spread on banana leaves, with chicken



Agua de Chilacayota
Drink made with a native Mexican fruit

Horchata con Tuna y Nuez
Horchata with pink cactus fruit and walnuts

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