Road to Seoul

Address: 1230 S Western Ave 90006
Phone Number: 323-731-9292

Well-regarded restaurant for all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ.

Thai Original BBQ – 3rd Street

Address: 4055 W 3rd St 90020
Phone Number: (213) 383-8571

FREE Thai Iced Tea with purchase of $20 or more. Take out only. Valid at 3rd Street location only.

Yoshinoya on Olympic

Address: 2897 W Olympic Blvd 90006
Phone Number: (213) 382-0184

Japanese-derived dishes in an American fast-food environment

#2 Moon BBQ

Address: 478 N Western Ave 90004
Phone Number: 323-465-6707

Moon Dae Po #2.  The original is in Gardena. AYCE BBQ $9.99 price is subject to change. Opened in late April 2012. Business hours are from 11:00 am to 2:00 am, seven days a week. The restaurant’s Korean name is “Dal Dae Po” — “Dal” sounds like the Korean word for the moon in the sky.

Kyochon Chicken

Address: 3833 W 6th St 90020
Phone Number: (213) 739-9292

South Korean fried chicken chain in the strip mall known as Serrano Marketplace.

Nan Da Rang LA

Cafe Nandarang

Address: 3815 W 6th St 90020
Phone Number: (213) 388-8513

CAFE SEOUL NANDARANG is a Korean cafe/restaurant that serves beer.

Hae Jang Chon

Address: 3821 W 6th St 90020
Phone Number: (213) 389-8777

AYCE (all-you-eat) Korean barbecue restaurant near Kyochon on 6th Street.

Last seating is at 1:20 am.

Pho Saigon

Address: 3831 W 6th St 90020
Phone Number: (213) 386-6555

Small pho Korean-run restaurant in the strip mall called Serrano Marketplace on 6th Street.

Bento Man – Western

Address: 1500 S Western Ave 90006
Phone Number: (323) 733-5316

A small Japanese eatery located just south of Koreatown proper, in the area formally designated by the city as Harvard Heights. Serves cook-to-order teriyaki, curry dishes, ramen, karaage, tonkatsu…