Pampanga Master Grill: Filipino Restaurant

Pampanga Master Grill

Address: 231 S Vermont Ave
Phone Number: (213) 381-1180
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Pampanga’s Grill is a Filipino restaurant in a corner of the strip mall on the northwest corner of 3rd & Vermont, in what can be considered North Koreatown.

It is named after the province of Pampanga, which is highly regarded in the Philippines for its culinary traditions.

Typical dishes for lunch: sinigang na manok, pinakbet, menudo, igado, chicken estofado, pork adobo, lechon kawali, tortang talong, tortang silverfish, fried bangus, grilled milkfish, tilapia fish with coconut milk, turon, biko, laing

The menu does change daily.

Breakfast items usually available include tocino, longganisa, daing-silog, bangsilog, tuyosilog… Availability is subject to change.

Open everyday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. It’s basically leftover food from lunch towards the end of the day.

Does business on Labor Day.

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