Shoto Izakaya in Los Angeles

Shuto Izakaya

Address: 3875 Wilshire Blvd
Phone Number: (213) 908-5479

Japanese tapas and sake

Rosen Music Studio

Address: 3488 W 8th St
Phone Number: (213) 387-0467

Offers 33 private karaoke rooms.

R Bar on 8th & Irolo


Address: 3331 W 8th St
Phone Number: 213-387-7227

R BAR (“Our Bar”) is located inside the black building on the northwest corner of 8th & Irolo.


Gaam Karaoke

Address: 3309 W 6th St
Phone Number: 213-908-5581

Has private karaoke rooms.

Toe Bang Cafe LA

Toe Bang

Address: 3465 W 6th St
Phone Number: (213) 387-4905

A casual Korean restaurant/bar inside Chapman Plaza.

Young Dong Nohrehbang

Address: 3607 W 6th St
Phone Number: 213-739-0322

Korean Karaoke…

Located in the dingy strip mall known as Key Center on the northwest corner of 6th & Normandie.

Soop Sok Music Studio

Address: 4070 W 3rd St
Phone Number: (213) 380-0909

“The largest Karaoke studio in Los Angeles since 1986.”

Wawa Noraebang

Address: 3053 W Olympic Blvd
Phone Number: (213) 487-5661

Korean-Korean karaoke bar on Olympic Boulevard, near Seoul International Park.

LA Shrine Karaoke

Shrine Karaoke

Address: 2999 W 6th St
Phone Number: (213) 738-5034

Located just a few blocks east of Koreatown proper, in the Westlake district.