Joo Pocha menu spicy nails on noodles

Joo Pocha

Address: 4163 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90020
Phone: (213) 568-3935     주포차
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Gastropub & Karaoke

Joo Pocha is a Korean pub serving barbecue and various bar bites with soju.

  • dog-friendly patio
  • live Dodgers games
  • big-party reservations

Hours are 5pm to 2am daily except for Tuesday, when it’s closed.


치즈불족발 29.99
spicy pork feet w cheese

과일 플래터 25.99
fruit platter

단짠족발찜 25.99
steamed pork feet

치즈 플래터 25.99
cheese platter

밀피유나베 34.99
mille-feuille nabe

과일화채 19.99
assorted fruit punch

칠리새우 22.99
chili-sauce shirimp

모듬튀김 15.99
assorted fried foods

제육볶음 21.99
stir-fry pork

김치전 14.99
kimchi pancake

꽃살 육전 23.99
sirloin pancake

시샤모 15.99

kimchi fried rice w cheese

황태포 16.99
dried pollack

오징어찌개 15.99
squid soup

한치 & 줘포 21.99
dried baby squid & filefish

Joo Pocha BBQ

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