Jun Won Restaurant

Jun Won Restaurant – Closed

Address: 3100 W 8th St
Phone Number: 213-383-8855
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Jun Won was temporarily closed down by the health department in May 2014 on account of vermin.

Closed doors for good in that area in 2016 due to landlord’s change of plans.

Reopened at the Omni Plaza on Western Avenue in September 2016.

New address: 414 S Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90020

New location closed in 2020 in the wake of the COVID-19 situation.

* * Space to be taken over by Gutto Sushi in 2021.

Korean restaurant whose specialty is Eundaegu-jorim (black cod braised with giant white radish). Also known for the high quality of their banchan (side dishes).

* The family matriarch operates a banchan store on Olympic, also named Junwon.  The first syllable is pronounced closer to “Jeon” or “John.”

MENU as of July 2012

JJIGAE (stews)

Pollack Stew 11.95
Seafood Stew with Pollack 18.50
Dwenjang (soybean paste) Stew 10.95
Tofu Stew with Pepper Paste 10.95
Tofu Stew with Salted Shrimp 10.95
Kimchi Stew 10.95
Kongbiji (bean curd) Stew 10.95

GUI (grilled dishes)

Pan-fried Atka Mackerel 14.50
Pan-fried Belt Fish 15.50
Pan-fried Mackerel Pike 12.50
Pan-fried Mackerel 15.50
Pan-fried Yellow Corvina

BOKKUM (fried dishes)

Sauteed pork with kimchi 16.50
Sauteed spicy pork 14.50

Prices and availability are highly subject to change.

The word “casserole” used by the restaurant on their paper menu actually refers to jjigae (stew).

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