Busan Fish Cakes – Closed

Address: 3785 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010
Phone: 213-814-8989
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Busan Fish Cakes (부산어묵) on the second floor of the Solair Building

Part of the CooLush group of businesses — Chanju, LLC

Menu: Ddukbokki, Triangle kimbap, Pork cutlet tonkassu, Noodles, “Salads”

부산 어묵은?
싱싱한 생선을 갈아 다양한 야채와 반죽한 후 튀겨낸 음식이다. 어묵탕은 멸치와 무를 넣어 만든 육수에 넣고 끓여 익혀 먹는데 시원한 국물과 탄력 있는 어묵의 맛이 어우러져 감칠맛을 낸다.

What is Fish Cake?
Fish Tempeh is made of fresh fish that ground with vegetables and other ingredients and then fried or grilled or steamed. The ‘fish tempeh soup’ has additionally some radishes and anchovies to make the broth tastier, harmony and fantastic.


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