Bab Han Kki: One Bite: Pioneer Chicken

Bab Han Kki, One Bite, Pioneer Chicken

Address: 928 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90006
Phone: (213) 389-3565     밥한끼
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Bab Han Kki (One Bite) is a food stall that opened inside the Koreatown Plaza food court in early 2015. #139

It shares space with Pioneer Chicken. The chicken menu includes strips and side dishes. Last orders are taken at 7:00 pm, though the eateries stay open to 8:00 pm.

The menu of Korean food includes broiled covina, L.A. galbi, beef bulgogi, spicy pork bulgogi, stone-pot bibimbap, yachae bibimbap, yeolmu bibimbap, spicy squid over rice, cheong-gook jang, soybean soup, and soft tofu soup.

Bap Hankki fax number: (213) 389-3569

Last update: 2019

The Pioneer Chicken that was established in 1961 was at one point located at 5970 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036. They are now at 904 S. Soto Street 90023. Phone: (818) 631-8481

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