ARISU Korean BBQ – Closed

Address: 3732 West 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90020
Phone: (213) 738-9000     아리수 바베큐
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Located on 6th Street near the corner with Harvard Boulevard, ARISU is a Korean barbecue restaurant whose name comes from the classic moniker of the Han River (Han Kang), which snakes through Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

*Has changed ownership several times, and so has the menu, prices, and hours.

Space has been taken over by The Paan Korean BBQ restaurant as of late 2015.

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  1. I went to Arisu tonight for the first time making it my first experience with Korean BBQ. Having lived in Koreatown for about 6 months now it’s crazy I haven’t been out to try it yet, mainly because I can’t read Korean and I was scared of the cuisine. I went with a friend who knew what it was all about and our server was super helpful!

    We learned about everything they brought out to us. We had combo 1 which was about $40 and it could have easily fed 4 hungry people or 3 VERY HUNGRY people. The combo came with unlimited veggies and a bunch of different meats including brisket, pork, duck and beef. The server cooks the meat in front of you while you watch and ask questions she is happy to answer.

    I’d definitely come back here and bring friends along now that I know what Korean BBQ is all about!

  2. I hardly drank any water, which, as informed by the owner, means that there is no msg. The spicy octopus bibimbap was extremely tasty and water would have only diluted the taste bud sensations.

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