Yongdudong Jjukkumi (Baby Octopus)

YongDuDong Jjukkumi

Address: 338 S. Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90020
Phone: 213-736-5060      용두동 쭈꾸미
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UPDATE: Closed in late 2014. Space now occupied by Mr. Bossam. For similar fare, check out Yongdudong Dokkaebi.

YongDuDong Jjukkumi was a Korean restaurant that opened in 2013 in the space formerly occupied by Cafe Story on Western Avenue.

The house specialty was jjukkumi — baby octopus grilled and smothered in very spicy sauce.

The restaurant had a beer & wine license.

Yongdudong is the name of a neighborhood in Seoul famous for restaurants that serve spicy baby-octopus dishes.


Baby Octopus (jjukkumi) $14.99

Grilled Baby Octopus $14.99

Baby Octopus (set meal 12-3pm) $9.99

samgyeopsal sari $4.99
jolmyeon sari $1.99
ddeok sari $1.99
mussel soup $3.99
gyeran-jjim $3.99
fried rice $2.99 small $4.99 large

Yongdudong Bugopo $9.99

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