Samgyetang Koreatown

Buil Samgyetang

Address: 859 S Western Ave, Los Angeles 90005
Phone: (213) 739-0001

Korean restaurant whose house specialty is chicken stewed with ginseng

Jun Won Chicken Restaurant Menu

Jun Won Dak

Address: 4254 1/2 W. Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90020
Phone: (213) 263-9135

Korean restaurant focused on chicken dishes

Kangnam restaurant

Kang Nam Restaurant

Address: 4103 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019
Phone: (323) 937-1070

Korean-style barbecue, eundaegu-jorim, Japanese dishes and raw fish

Korean goat restaurant

Bulrocho Korean Restaurant

Address: 955 S Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90006
Phone: (213) 383-0080

Serves Korean dishes like samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) and black goat stew. Most of the patrons are men who eat the goat meat for virility.

Myeongdong Noodle House

Myung Dong Noodle House

Address: 698 Irolo Street, Los Angeles, CA 90005
Phone: (213) 251-1066

Menu: Samgyetang, Kalguksu (Chicken Noodle Soup)…

3rd Street Chicken House

SamGa / 3rd Street Chicken House

Address: 4254 1/2 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90020
Phone: (213) 386-1135

“The Real 3rd Street Chicken House” is a small restaurant whose specialty is chicken soups and chicken stews. The Korean name of this restaurant is “Sam-ga Dahk-gom-tang.” Sahm = three gah = street You can spot the number 3 on the Korean sign outside.