Hangover AYCD – Closed

Address: 3377 Wilshire Blvd
Phone Number: (213) 389-9946 now disconnected

UPDATE: Closed as of August 2013. Opened in the summer of 2012 at the Brown Derby Plaza. All-You-Can-Drink Draft Beer A. Hite, PBR, Coors Light $14.99 B. Hite, PBR, Coors Light, Kirin, BlueMoon, Newcastle $18.99 C. Hite, PBR, Coors Light, Kirin, Soju, Korean Rice Wine $21.99 Per Person / Time Limited 4 Hours For AYCD all members of one party must oder Same type of AYCD menu. Due to California law, Hangover is prohibited from giving away alcohol free of charge. Disconnected number: (213) 389-9946

Cindy Cho Aveda Salon – Closed

Address: 3785 Wilshire Blvd
Phone Number: 213-384-5600

UPDATE: Closed in late summer 2013. Disconnected phone number: 213-384-5600 Hair salon that carried Aveda hair and skin care products. Was located on the ground floor of the Solair building on the northeast corner of Wilshire and Western. Space has been taken over by Coco Nail.

Hansong KBBQ, Seafood Buffet – Closed

Phone Number:

Korean BBQ and Seafood Buffet Restaurant. Closed in 2013. Replaced by Korean restaurant (Secret Garden) with oysters added to the menu. Located east of Koreatown, in the Westlake district.

SHIK DO RAK – Closed

Phone Number:

UPDATE: Closed and replaced by MONG (夢; “Dream” or “Yume”) KBBQ Restaurant in July 2013. All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ restaurant famous for duk-bossam. Shikdorak is back open in the summer of 2012 in its most recent space on 1st and Western.

Happy Family – Closed

Address: 301 S Western Ave
Phone Number: 213-389-1112

Closed in 2013. Replaced by Meshitang Restaurant, which first was into serving naengmyeon, then shabu-shabu. Happy Family, a Chinese restaurant that opened in July 2011 in the former space of Seoul Gomtang. Servers can speak Korean, not Chinese. Owner is Mandarin-speaking Taiwanese. Lunch specials Monday to Friday, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Except holidays. Free delivery within a mile, with $15 minimum. Cream Cheese Wontons, Egg Flower Soup, Cold Jelly Fish, Thousand Year Eggs, Beef and Broccoli Larchmont Farmers Market

Pho 4000 – Closed

Address: 414 S Western Ave
Phone Number: (213) 252-4401

Closed in 2013.

This eatery is separate from Pho Western across the street, which also closed, back in 2012.

Mahnduk’s Restaurant – Closed

Address: 3901 W Olympic Blvd
Phone Number: (323) 931-8900

UPDATE: Closed as of June 2013 and replaced by Da Jeong. Small family-run Korean restaurant that opened in the summer of 2012. Specialty: Two-person dish of Dakdoritang (chicken and potatoes in spicy sauce) Highly rated for hospitality and authentic Korean food.

Daddy O’s Coffee – Closed

Address: 3458 Wilshire Blvd
Phone Number: (213) 382-2142

UPDATE: Closed a few months after Starbucks was allowed by the building to open just a few steps away. There is also The Coffee Bean right across the street. – – – A Made-in-LA coffee shop in the mid-Wilshire office district that serves hot and cold beverages, sandwiches, wraps, salads, and pastries. Across Normandie from the Metro station.

Ma Bang – Closed

Address: 3189 W Olympic Blvd
Phone Number: NA

UPDATE: Mabang became “Insadong” in March 2013. In a slightly hidden corner in the same mini-plaza as Yu Chun. Classic-style bulgogi… Yeonpo tang (Baby octopus soup)… House specialty: “Macau” shabu-shabu, which includes various seafood, beef, duck breast, white chicken meat… Two types of broths — the original shabu-shabu broth, as well as a spicy broth.

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