Saekdong Jogori Korean Bqr

Saek Dong Juh Gori

Address: 4083 W 3rd St
Phone Number: 213-637-2345
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* Offers Korean lunchboxes to-go or delivered during the COVID-19 crisis. Prices range from 11.99 to 13.99 with business hours between 12 noon and 7 pm.

Saekdong Jeogori is a bar that serves Korean food with soju — bossam (pork wraps) and jeon (savory pancakes).

Thanksgiving 2019 promo: a free fried-chicken wing for each table between 5:00 pm and 12 midnight

Saekdong Jogori Thanksgiving promo

Also known in business filings as Sark Dong Juhgori. 색동저고리 (카페/주점)

As of 2014, reportedly allows smoking.

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