Address: 111 S Vermont Ave
Phone Number: (213) 738-7287

Convenience store in the strip mall known as “King Plaza” on the southwest corner of 1st and Vermont.

Aqua Nine Plus

Address: 102 S Vermont Ave
Phone Number: 888-648-5161

Aqua Nine Plus… Aqua 9+ Beverage Company… Alkaline drinking water. Opened in March 2017 in the strip mall on the southeast corner of 1st and Vermont in North Koreatown. Between Little Caesar’s Pizza and L.A. Donuts. Had a Free Water promotion until March 17.

Bhalli Discount Market

Address: 109 S Vermont Ave
Phone Number: (213) 382-1913

Bhalli Discount Market in the strip mall called “King Plaza” where the Chinese restaurant is as well. This is the Bhalli Discount Market on South Vermont Avenue (North Koreatown). There appear to be similarly named markets on Third Street. Zion Market – MovedJONS Market (8th Street)JONS Market (3rd Street)California Marketplace (New Gaju Market)

82nd Market

Address: 5204 Melrose Ave
Phone Number: (323) 466-6730

Convenience store next to the Italian restaurant Osteria La Buca in North Koreatown.

7-Eleven: Pico

Address: 2377 West Pico Boulevard
Phone Number: (213) 427-1136

This 7-Eleven location is just south of Koreatown proper. Sells cigarettes. Open 24 hours. Pio Pico Koreatown LibraryMateo’s Ice Cream, Juices & Fruit Bars – Pico7-Eleven: Wilshire & Wilton7-Eleven: 6th & Alexandria

7-Eleven: 6th & Alexandria

Address: 3470 W 6th St
Phone Number: 213-487-3364

Convenience store on 6th and Alexandria. 7-Eleven: Wilshire & Wilton7-Eleven: Pico7-Eleven: James M. Wood7-Eleven: 3rd & Kingsley

7-Eleven: James M. Wood

Address: 2801 James M Wood Blvd
Phone Number: (213) 384-3025

Located just east of Koreatown’s formal borders on Vermont. St. James Episcopal Church7-Eleven: Wilshire & WiltonJames Barber Shop – Moved7-Eleven: Pico

7-Eleven: 3rd & Kingsley

Address: 265 S Kingsley Dr
Phone Number: (213) 387-8993

7-Eleven: Wilshire & Wilton7-Eleven: Pico7-Eleven: 6th & Alexandria7-Eleven: James M. Wood