Pho 2000 LA

Pho 2000 on Western

Address: 215 N Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90004
Phone: (323) 461-5845     포: 베트남의 국수 요리
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Part of the Pho 2000 chain. This is the North Koreatown location.

Open seven days a week, 7:00 am – 4:00 am.

Cash only.

Pho 2000 is a regional chain of unique restaurants that specialize in PHO – the traditional fragrant noodle soup of Vietnam.

Founder Kenny Hoang had been in the restaurant business for decades, owning and operating in various regions ranging from Vietnam to Hawaii, then to California.

After closely observing Koreans’ love for Vietnamese PHO, he felt prompted to start looking for a prospective place that could house his first restaurant in Los Angeles. In short order, Kenny found a place on Western Avenue in Koreatown. The place was a BBQ restaurant ran by unmotivated management that was lacking in service and quality. Kenny took over the location and began transforming it.

He changed the interior, the menu, and most importantly, he trained the new personnel to adopt a friendly and courteous attitude towards patrons. The new transformation paid off handsomely, the place quickly becoming a magnet for health conscious Koreans and Hispanics, who were attracted to the new eatery for its tasty and generous servings, and best of all for its affordable menu items.

Word-of-mouth spread swiftly and Pho 2000 carved for itself a place on the Koreatown map. Soon after, Kenny opened another Pho 2000 just down the street from the first one. Whether by design or not, the second Pho 2000 restaurant was instantly welcomed by all patrons.

Although all Pho 2000 restaurants bear the same name, each individual store has its own peculiarity. They are decorated differently, they may cater to different kind of patrons according to their locations, and their menus may vary considerably from one place to another.

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