Olocuilta Restaurant LA

Olocuilta Pupusería

Address: 3958 W 6th St
Phone Number: (213) 383-3070
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Pupusería y Restaurante. Olocuilta. Comida Salvadoreña, Mexicana y Americana

A very small restaurant focused on the cuisine of El Salvador.

You can call, but it’s rare they have an English speaker answering the phone.


Lunch specials are 11am-2pm, Monday to Friday. $6.65

Every Tuesday and Thursday, they have a special on pupusas — just $1.25 plus tax.

Closes by 8:00 pm on most nights.

Olocuilta is the name of a town in El Salvador known for rice-flour pupusas (pupusas de arroz). The more common pupusas are made from corn meal (the dough is called masa de maíz). This eatery sells pupusas de arroz for $2.50.

**Prices are subject to change.**

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