Kokio Chicken – Fire

Address: 371 N Western Ave
Phone Number: 323-464-7000
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Kokio Chicken moved to 6th Street just west of Western Avenue on June 1st, 2016.

In June 2018, a fire broke out after business hours. No one was hurt but the restaurant has been temporarily closed.

June 2016 Lunch Specials:
For dine in or to go
One of the following for $7.99 plus one free can of soda
Combination Plate / Grilled Chicken Bowl / Salad / Sandwich

Spicy & sweet chicken wings, soy wings, honey rice-cakes with chicken…

Korean-run chicken restaurant that was located in North Koreatown, across the street from the KFC.

Usually closed on Mondays.

B health rating as of October 2016.

A health rating as of April 2017.

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