Honey Pig Trotter – Closed

Address: 3522 W 8th St
Phone Number: (213) 738-8881 disconnected
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Took over the space of Country Koko Chicken in Fall 2013.

Serves jokbal (pig’s feet), bossam (boiled pork) and gamjatang (pork bone soup).


Honey Pig Jogbal (Pigs’ Feet) $29.99

Bossam (Boiled Pork) $24.99

Jokbal Naengchae (Chilled Vegetables) $12.99

Maeun Jogbal (Spicy-Hot Pig’s Feet) $12.99

Jaengban Googsu (Noodles on Tray) $12.99

Dotorimuk Muchim (Acorn Jelly) $9.99

Gamja Tang (Pork-on-the-Bone Soup) $8.99

Soda Beverage $2

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