Korean Crab House

Ktown Crab House

Address: 923 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006
Phone: (213) 365-8886     홍어와 꽃게
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Crab House (Hong Kkot restaurant) is now in the space formerly occupied by Vermont Soondae.

Opened summer 2015.

구 버몬순대 … ‘홍어와 꽃게’

홍꽃… A Korean seafood restaurant focused on blue crabs, fermented skatefish, and seafood soup.

Menu: 꽃게·해물·아구찜·게장·해물탕

Seafood… Fermented Skate… Ganjang Gejang (soy-sauce crab)

Customers can expect a $40-$60 price range for a stew pot suitable for two persons.

Does NOT serve soondae (blood sausages) or jokbal (pork hocks).

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