Korean Crab House

Ktown Crab House

Address: 923 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006
Phone: (213) 365-8886     홍어와 꽃게
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Korean seafood restaurant whose specialty is blue crabs, fermented skatefish, and seafood soup.

Menu: 꽃게·해물·아구찜·게장·해물탕

Seafood… Fermented Skate… Ganjang Gejang (soy-sauce crab)

Customers can expect a $40-$60 price range for a stew pot suitable for two persons.

Does NOT serve soondae (blood sausages) or jokbal (pork hocks).

Crab House (Hong Kkot restaurant) is located in the space formerly occupied by Vermont Soondae.

구 버몬순대 … 홍꽃… ‘홍어와 꽃게’

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