Kpop Nation Pop-Up Event

K-Pop Nation PopUp Store

Address: 515 S Western Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90020
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Started as a pop-up event that was supposed to last only a few weeks.


The guerilla-type store is still open and selling Kpop goods as of November 2022.

Items for sale include BT21 merch.

BT21 freebies store

👉 Stray Kids, BT21, TinyTAN, Loona, Blackpink, Omega

👉 Official Lightsticks, Plush, Goods

Located in the old spot of Ace Hardware on South Western Avenue, between 5th Street and 6th Street, just a block and a half away from Madang Mall, near the Wiltern Theater and the Redline Metro station, and a few steps away from California Marketplace.

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