Grainivore Restaurant

Grainivore – Closed

Address: 974 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90006
Phone: (213) 700-1258      그레이니버르 (싱가포르 음식)
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UPDATE: Closed as of May 2014. Space has been taken over by the Filipino eatery Belly & Snout.

Grainivore was a quick-service Singaporean restaurant that opened in November 2013 in the space formerly occupied by the Venezuelan eatery Amazonas.

Its spartan menu featured classic Singaporean dishes, such as Hainan Chicken, Beef Rendang, and Shrimp-Paste Fried Chicken. Milo, rose-flavored Bandung, and canned soda were drink options.

*Takeout carrier for multiple drinks not yet available as of November 2013.

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