Visit Koreatown started in 2010 as an online-based concierge service that operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, promoting the neighborhood and providing information and in-person support to tourists from around the world.

In that capacity, the organization’s legwork included scouting locations for television shows and working with periodicals such as Sunset Magazine, as well as arranging earned-media placements in multi-ethnic publications, such as ライトハウス and Fromer’s.

Visit Koreatown dot-org halted the bulk of its operations in August 2012 when the organization’s main financial sponsor withdrew after subsidizing huge losses from the start of the venture. VK continued with a skeleton crew on social media until September 2013 when the issue of Kim Nguyen became publicized and long-time resident staffers who had before then remained silent on LAPD’s crimes decided it was morally untenable to continue touting an area that was dangerous not only to residents, but also to tourists.