Tops Art Supplies Ktown

Top’s Art Supplies

Address: 3447 W 8th St, Los Angeles 90005
Phone: (213) 382-8229     탑스화방
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Longstanding Korean-owned store

Highly rated stock of art supplies

* Sale: February 6 – March 4, 2023.

Open most days 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. Closed on Sundays.

Oil paints, Acrylics, Gesso, Watercolor paint, Drawing boards, Sketch pads, Tracing paper rolls, Hardbound sketchbooks, Bristol pads, Easel, Lyre, Mesh bags, India ink, Speedball pen sets, Charcoals, Prismacolor pencils, Triangles, French curves, Architecture supplies, Brushes, Cutting tools

Mask required for entry. Limit of 4 inside store during coronavirus situation. Two people maximum per group.

Top’s Art Supplies

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