The Dolly Llama: Yet to Open

Address: 269 S Western Ave 90004
Phone Number: 213-496-5138
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Had been “The Jolly Llama” in Koreatown LA

* White tape has been added to the sign so it now says “Dolly Llama”

“Waffle Master”

On the menu: waffles, ice cream, milkshakes

Waffles, waffle cones, waffles sticks, bbble waffle, dutch puffs

Flavors: buttermilk, oreo, cinnamon

Ice Cream: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cookies & cream, rainbow, coffee

$2 Sauces: nutella, white chocolate matcha, peanut butter, maple, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, lemon, snickers, caramel dulce, pistachio, speculus, strawberry tagada

50-cent tops: oreos, m&ms, lucky charms, fruit pebbles, captain crunchy, cookie crisp, coco puffs

Does catering and events.

For rude responses to inquiries, call the same-named place in downtown Los Angeles: 213-283-8615

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