Korean restaurant

Mat Goeul – Closed

Address: 361 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90020
Phone: (213) 387-8620     맛고을
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UPDATE: Closed as of February 2016.

The space this small restaurant formerly occupied has been taken over by the soondae joint Oh San Jip.

Mat Goeul was temporarily closed by the health department late May 2014 due to vermin.

This was a small Korean eatery in the dingy strip mall on the northwest corner of 4th & Western.

Menu items included chicken bulgogi, pork bulgogi, dwenjang-jjigae, haemul pajeon, japchae, jengban memil guksu, ddukbokki, dongtae-jigae, mushroom stew, kimchi stew, mixed stew, al-tang, ddukbaegi bulgogi, galbi-tang, bugo-guk, yukkaejang, dolsot bibimbap, stir-fried chicken, osam bulgogi, ddeok galbi, mushroom bulgogi, eundaegu-jorim, godeungo-jorim, tofu salad, and galchi-jorim.

50년 전통의 종로 맛집, 맛고을이 LA에 오픈. 콩나물국, 북어국, 무국…

Open for lunch and dinner until around 9:00 at night.

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