Korean drycleaners

Manhattan Cleaners

Address: 3980 West 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90020
Phone: (213) 387-7805     맨해튼
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Korean-owned drycleaning service in the space formerly occupied by Peacock Cleaners.

Manhattan Cleaners is located on the southeast corner of 6th Street and Manhattan Place, a block west of Western Avenue.

Open 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Saturday. Closed on holidays and Sundays.

Turnaround time for drycleaning can take a week, days past what was agreed upon.

Typical price: $18 for a sport jacket

Don’t forget to ask for a receipt to be printed out when you pick up your cleaned clothes.

Owners for 30 years: Jenny and Kris Kang

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